Sunday, 25 November 2012

The eye of a teenage boys.

I'm So Over Boys 

I'm so over this impending obsession i have with boys who never see the purpose of viewing the inside of a girl before pursuing them. This impending need to be viewed as a popular and coincide with the i deal woman upsets me,and constantly i tell girls to see the beauty within them selves but am i being a hypocrite for not taking my own advice ? 
Is it an terrible thing to want to feel that somebody out there is looking at you not because you have tissue on your shoe or a crazy hairstyle but because the like you for your personality and for how pretty you look.Girls always believe that if it boy of the school does not see them as an absolute beauty that they are not beautiful, but in actual fact its just means that there is just one person that doesn't see their beauty .
 I will not act like my heart has not been broken be for i just dnot see why boys' eyes are only open to girls the their friends think are beautiful ?

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